NRA Trolls Bloomberg Stooge David Hogg

David Hogg, a student from Parkland, Florida, has become the sneering, youthful face of the modern gun control movement. He has been promoted by liberal billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, as the new face of the authoritarian left.

Hogg and Bloomberg have more than just gun-control in common. Apparently they’ve both share a taste for the hypocrisy of armed body guards.

The NRA, taking a page from Hogg’s own social media account, took to Twitter to troll him over his use of armed guards.

From The Truth About Guns:

Pity poor David Hogg. He held a rally Saturday at the NRA world headquarters near Fairfax, Virginia. While (someone’s) money can pay to organize rallies against gun rights and provide armed security, money doesn’t buy intelligent demonstrators.

While the event played out, the National Rifle Association didn’t miss the chance to ridicule Hogg and his bleating sheep.  First, demonstrators failed to shut down the Waples Mill NRA headquarters during a weekday, when it might actually make a difference. Instead, Hogg and his Parkland high kiddie crew marched on a Saturday when virtually the entire building routinely sits empty.

Furthermore, the nation’s oldest civil rights org also didn’t miss a chance to make fun of David Hogg’s hypocrisy in bringing paid guns to an anti-gun rally to provide protection for him. Indeed, Hogg likes to hide behind armed good guys while demanding gun control and disarmament for you and me.

Hogg’s armed security detail stood out like sore thumbs for trained eyes. In fact, even gun grabbers could probably figure this one out.

Hogg had little to worry about with lots of police on hand to keep order. Not only that, but on the pro-gun side of things, multiple people open-carried long guns. We covered it earlier. Clearly, when good-guy civilians bring guns to rallies, civility prevails. After all, an armed society is a polite society.

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  1. Given the type of person this article is written for, bodyguards are a reasonable step. The article even makes up phrases… e.g. the authoritarian left. WTF?

    BTW, I love your phrase, “an armed society is a polite society.” Even though that is all b.s. Let’s take a walk through downtown Chicago shall we(?), where lots of people have guns. Do you consider that to be a polite society? Or would you say perhaps that Australia is more polite?

  2. Eric,
    It is nice to know that someone who doesn’t live in the United States likes to criticize anyone who takes the opposite side that you are on. It is ironic that you live in a country that bans your right to have a gun, that you can’t believe that an American can. How about keeping your comments to how bad off you are.

  3. yes authoritarian left they make the laws that stifle our economy the regulations that tie our hands that keep the poor, poor and the rich, rich they’re the ones who attack our freedoms they are the real nazis our education system is so poor now days few people realize that nazi was an acronym for national alliance of SOCIALIST institutions

  4. David Hogg is a self proclaimed bully, a closet coward, a liar and a hypocrite. I wander if he will keep his body guards for the rest of his life. When he tries bullying someone in the adult world, he’s going to get the ass kicking he needs.

  5. The tone of this is so sneering and obviously biased that I can’t see how any thinking person could take it seriously. This isn’t new or even debate, this is the worst kind of propaganda. It does nothing but inflame people.

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