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Biden’s Awkward Moments of Confusion in Normandy


Joe Biden was in Normandy to recognize the 80th anniversary of D-Day. 
Biden was scheduled to speak at 6:30 ET, but the speeches started late, forcing the elderly veterans to wait. 

When they recognized the veterans who were there, it was beautiful to see the faces of those who had given so much for the defense of freedom as they stood to receive their recognition from French leader Emmanuel Macron. Their faces were lit with emotion as they received the Legion of Honor.
Here they were earlier being greeted by Macron’s wife when they arrived in France. 
But here was Biden when he finally shuffled up to the stage, looking out of it. 
But this was pretty bad. Biden got confused as everyone else was standing. He seemed to want to sit, but he was in front of the chair, reaching for nothing.