Anti-Gun Supporters Starting To Lose It

The anti-gun activists are starting to run out of ideas.

They have tried gun grabs, more gun control laws, ammo control laws, and a host of other ideas but their latest scheme could be their craziest idea yet.

Former Secretary of Education in the Obama administration, Arne Duncan, has concocted an idea that if all families keep their kids from going to school, in protest over gun laws, eventually they will be fixed.

Duncan said on Twitter:

It’s unbelievable that the person who came up with such a crazy idea held such a high position in the federal government.

Gun control activists will do anything in their power to fear monger and scare people away from guns. Instead of getting on board for sensible changes like adding armed security or even having specific teachers trained to carry, liberals throw their weight behind insane ideas.

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  1. It would be much better for our country and the world if all democrats just quit voting in any election. That way our country would return to common sense and we would all be better off.

  2. What gun law would you wimps like to see passed? Whatever it is, it can’t infringe on our 2A Rights in any way, shape or form. We are tired of seeing our rights diminished and restricted by new laws that will not stop the gun violence. How about restoring the family unit. Returning God to the public square. Put Prayer back in public schools. Bring back corporal punishment. I know what you people would really like to see, A TOTAL BAN ON THE PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF FIREARMS. That’s not gonna happen without a fight so you’d better find a better way so you social wimps won’t get hurt.

  3. Controlling Gun`s and Controlling Crime are not the same, just look at New York under Rudy Giuliani he lowered the Crime Rate by 80% by instituting a policy of better enforcement of existing law & a zero tolerence policy of any crime, but notice that Gun Control laws stayed the same, no increase or decrease, but the crime rate went down 80% this has been the case everywhere it has been tried but everywhere the Gun Control law`s have been increased it has had no effect on the crime rate as it either stayes the same or increases, this shoots a hole in the Gun Control lowers the crime rate theory that has never been proven, in fact as the level of gun control has gone up so has the crime rate across the nation beginning in the 60`s and continuing to the present & no dought the future.

  4. the left will continue to use the school children as pawns in their anti gun is hard to comprehend their stupidity.definition of stupid,doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  5. How about all the gun owners in this country keep their kids home until all the gun free school zones are gone?

  6. Quit talking about God. God DOES NOT exist. There is no God. Get it? The fact that you can’t live your lives without a mythical sky guy telling you who to love and who to hate says a lot about your weak mind, but that is all. Now, as far as guns go, Feel free IMHO to own a gun. Heck own lots of guns. But if your gun is used in the commission of a crime you should suffer the same fate as the perp of that crime since your inability to control that gun facilitated the commission of that crime.

  7. Dems are always looking for common sense gun laws. How about this. Every adult be mandated to learn to to use a gun and be made to keep a gun at home, just like they do n Switzerland. They always say we should be more likely my e Europe, so this would work for me.

  8. Good argument to get your kids out of public schools. These have been dumbed down too far for too long. Parents, education is your/our responsibility. Most of us have paid governments to teach our children. But we had BETTER take back that responsibility when the children are taught too little skill and too much propaganda. Not to mention that “No firearms in the school building” is an open invitation to snipers to slaughter defenseless teachers and students inside. The situation was bad 60 years ago when i was a kid, and has gotten worse since. Back then, it was only gangs. Hmmm, if only an armed gang would be decent to defend the school against armed sniper(s). Yeah, Lots of luck! Try to find a decent private school (Yes, U will have to check it out and research it, to know that they are good, armed, and trustworthy!), or find a way to do decent and competent home schooling. Once again, take the responsibility!

  9. We can’t complain about too many “anti-gun” laws and turn around and say that any attempt at “gun control” is useless because there are more than 300 million guns already in the US. That said, I think THAT dicotomy might hit at the probem: the proliferation of weapons…specifically, semi-automatic weapons. As a gun owner, I am concerned with large scale production balanced with the lack of any actual “necessity” for ownership of such.

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