Anti-Gunners Shut Down Highway in Chicago

A major protest hit Chicago this past week as left-wing radicals were arguing for more gun control, in a city with some of the nation’s most restrictive and regressive gun laws.

The great irony of gun policy in Chicago, is that it is one of the worst cities for gun violence, yet has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.  Pro-gun activists enjoy pointing out this dichotomy when liberals claim more gun laws will reduce gang violence.

From Bearingarms:

“Thousands of protesters against Chicago’s pervasive gun violence on Saturday partially shut down a major expressway in the third-largest US city, which leads the country in murders.

The demonstrators, led by a local pastor known for decades of anti-violence advocacy in Chicago’s hard-scrabble South Side, completely closed off one side of the Dan Ryan Expressway for about an hour.

“Today, we got [politicians’] attention,” Father Michael Pfleger told WLS-TV.

“The people won today, because the people showed up…saying we’re tired of the damned violence in Chicago,” he said.”

While it is great to see citizens trying to bring awareness to the violence in their community, what is the actual point of stopping traffic and potentially causing traffic accidents?

President Trump has often made comments on how terrible things are in Chicago. Their gun laws, as strict as they are, seem to be accomplishing nothing.

Chicago needs a major shakeup to curb gang violence, but how is stopping traffic and blocking those that are trying to get somewhere going to change that?

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  1. Does Chicago really need to have an anti-gun protest? They already outlaw guns, gun stores, conceal carry, etc. What else do these idiots want?

  2. Does it strike anybody else as hard to explain why the dems want a huge data base of GUN owners but will fight tooth and nail against any attempt at VOTER registration? Is it just possible they are so stupid they think we are too stupid to see what they are trying to do? They get a data base of gun owners, people who are NOT causing problems with guns so that when they eventually return to power, they can specifically target GUN OWNERS. But they resist every reasonable attempt to register voters to avoid voter fraud. To state it bluntly, they want and support VOTER FRAUD but are will to destroy our Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms, A RIGHT THAT CAN’T BE INFRINGED? I have to call BULLSHIT!!

  3. Liberals lack common sense. They believe tighter gun control laws will help their cause. How many of these killings were made with a peoperly bought gun? And, what are the races of the shooters and those killed?

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