Armed homeowner stands his ground!

When the unthinkable happens, will you be prepared? Pennsylvania home owner Mark Zika was.

While Zika was out, an intruder entered his house and was in Zika’s basement when he returned home.   As the intruder became aware that Zika had returned, he went outside to confront him and even brandished a handgun.

From WNEP ABC 16:

“That’s when police say the intruder pointed a handgun at Zika but took off after Zika fired warning shots from his own gun.”

No one was reported shot or injured, though the intruder has yet to be identified. WNEP also added the following for a local gun shop:

“At Curt’s Gun Shop in Mifflinville, both employees and customers say the fact the homeowner had a gun may have avoided the situation from becoming worse or even deadly.”

As the gun control debate rages within the country, stories such as this are a great reminder of why a large majority of Americans own guns in the first place.

Being able to defend a family or property when police are not available is extremely important. Sometime the mere knowledge that you’re armed and ready to defend yourself against a criminal is enough to drive them away for good.

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