Attacker Stopped In His Tracks By Woman With A Gun

Armed self-defense saves the day again!

A sickening scene unfolded at a restaurant in Milwaukee last month when a female employee was attacked by a male assailant.

The unidentified man went into the back of a restaurant where the female cook was standing and punched the unsuspecting worker in the head.

His attacked could have easily escalated if it weren’t for another female employee, who was in the back, that pulled out her handgun.


“The video shows the suspect walk behind the counter and punch the restaurant’s female cook in the side of her face. She managed to stay on her feet after the punch and ran to a spot off camera. The suspect walked, as if pursuing her, but stopped when another female employee pulled a handgun and pointed it at him.

Donovan also explained that the female employee who pulled a gun has a concealed carry permit. He added, “One can only imagine what might have occurred if that employee had not pulled out her weapon.” The woman who was attacked suffered serious injuries.”

As the old saying goes, nothing stops a bad guy quicker than a good guy with a gun, or in this case, a good lady with a gun.

We can only imagine what might have happened if the cook was alone or if the other worker was unarmed.

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  1. Good story. Bad illustration, though. Lady in the picture is holding the gun with her finger on the trigger. Shouldn’t have to point that out to someone publishing under the name Amendment 2 Rights.

  2. What kind of article is this, teaching bad habits with a visional lesson of putting her finger on the trigger before she is ready to shoot? Holding the pistol in this manner would also require her to cover her hip to present the pistol and under stress or blocking of the assailant with her weak hand as she presents the pistol may cause a sympatric reaction causing her to shoot herself or premature discharge causing her to become a victim.
    Clearly there has been little training by the author and less by the perceived woman victim.

  3. Hopefully, the woman with concealed permit was attempted to be sued by the assailant. Crazy world. I’m sure Concealed Carry lady has USCCA or other Insurance to protect her from backlash. Kudos to the good “guys”!!

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