Black Leader Embraces 2nd Amendment, Drives Liberals Nuts

Part of the divisive politics of the anti-gun Left is to claim that the only people who don’t like gun control are old, white men.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. It intentionally distracts Americans from the racist roots of gun control and the how Jim Crow laws were used to deprive Africa-Americans of their gun rights.

Campus Reform editor Lawrence Jones has had enough of that lie.

During a segment on the Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News, Jones boldly pro-claimed his natural rights to keep-and-bear-arms.

From The Daily Caller:

Campus Reform editor-in-chief Lawrence Jones on Wednesday sounded off about gun control activists who would try to tell him that the Second Amendment wasn’t written for him because he is black.

“If your idea — this is a sincere question, but if you are 70 years old and you’re looking back on your life and realized, hey, my ideas produced Baltimore,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked Jones. “How would you feel about yourself? Wouldn’t you feel contrite?”

“Well, you should feel real horrible,” Jones responded. “In the eyes of them, this is the Republicans’ fault, even though they have control, cities like Baltimore, Chicago — and I would admit, the cities suck. They are are in bad shape.”

Before coming to his defiant conclusion, Jones delved into the fact that taking away freedoms isn’t just a party issue.

“They won’t get away from that agenda,” he continued. “They aren’t for the community and they allow people that look like me to say that they are for the community, but they really are not. I would say the right should be cautious of the same thing. We have people that act like they are for the conservative movement. They look like me. They say they are black conservatives. But when you look at their profile, they are trying to take away liberties as well. So, it’s not a party thing. It’s about an American thing. If we are going to believe in the values that were founded in this country. Now liberals will tell me, ‘Well Lawrence, it wasn’t founded for you! Like the Second Amendment is not for you!’”

“Well guess what? The Second Amendment is mine now, and I don’t intend on giving it back to you guys.

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  1. It’s all about control. Once the government has your guns, you are then puppets. The government can then push you around and do whatever they want. They will only have guns, no you—think about it. By knowing that millions of Americans have legal guns, that gives us a certain amount of mental control. Without it, we would be sheep. For those of you that want gun control, you are not looking at the issue clearly. Some scums breaking into your house and you call people. Records show that 99% of the time, people gets there “after” the crime has been committed.Most criminals are careful in states that allow us to have guns. If you did not have guns, the criminal has nothing to fear. If you’re against guns, see how crazy it woudl be to deny any honest American from having a gun, if they so wished. Give away guns and you give away your freedom. Think deeply.

  2. “Well Lawrence, it wasn’t founded for you!” Partially correct but pointless. As the words were placed in the Constitution for the federal government to include all men. However the founders were not able to place words stating the same for women.
    The slave trade remained an issue for 100 years and the exclusion of women, 100+ years. Both were morally outrageous and I in no way wish to return to these immoral practices.
    The popular claim is the Civil War was only about ending slavery, not true. Ending the slave trade was the only good thing about the Civil War. Applying the strict restrictions of the federal government in the Constitution to the populous is what the founders wanted to prevent.
    The Constitution is a set of strict set of laws for the federal government to follow and no one or thing else. This is why the early SCOTUS rarely heard cases. I.E. did the federal government violate federal laws? Today and for many decades the SCOTUS has been violating federal law. As during the slave trade era when the SCOTUS ruled that the “Africans” were not “persons”. Does this remind anyone of anything today?
    The Constitution was meant to hold the federal government at bay, not the people!

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