Braincheck! Anti-Gunners Twist The Facts On School Shootings

Ever been in a parking-lot fight after a high school football game?  Did you know that counts in school shooting statistics?

According to a recent article by Ethan Huff, Florida Democratic Representative Alcee Hastings called out President Trump for not addressing gun violence in his January SOTU, citing that last year we “endured a school shooting nearly once a week.

Where did Rep. Hastings get this “fact”?  Huff:

Rep. Hastings apparently pulled this data point from Education Week, a national education publication that claims there were 24 school “shootings” in 2018. Divided by 180 days, which represents a typical school year, Rep. Hastings came to the conclusion that, on average, there’s a new school shooting every 7.5 days.

Sounds legit so far, right?  Nope!  This data was fact-checked by Politico and addressed in an article by Amy Sherman.  Sherman concludes that this calculation is misleading, at best.

“The Education Week database includes any K-12 shooting on a school property during school or a school event that resulted in injury or death,” Sherman adds. “That means it includes both indiscriminate mass shootings as well as other types of incidents such as fights in a parking lot after a football game or an accidental shooting.”

Consider how inflated these figures are if every schoolyard scuffle falls under the “shooting” category.  And leave it to the Democrats to lean on this inflation!

Where an anti-gun agenda exists, expect falsified, misleading, exaggerated information to shortly follow.

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  1. This article is deliberately misleading, If you read the Amy Sherman essay which it cites for its authority, the relevant passage is the the Florida school shootings include parking lots fights in which a gun is discharged. It very clearly says that. In a separate passage the “parking lot fights” is sandwiched between two statements with commas clearly saying it was based on gun discharges.The ambiguity that Sherman addresses is about including school shootings with other non-school shooting incidents.
    Is it really necessary to go to such lengths of deception to promote 2nd Amendment rights?

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