BREAKING NEWS: Gun Control Doesn’t Work

I’m sure this will be shocking news for liberals in New York and California, but a new study shows that gun control doesn’t work!

David Harsanyi finds that we have been right along, gun control doesn’t do ANYTHING to reduce violence.

From the Truth About Guns:

“I guess if I were to be fair, I would think about the 1930s when a bunch of crazy people grabbed automatic, fully automatic weapons, and were driving around the countryside robbing banks with Tommy guns and fully automatic rifles. Putting some laws into place that would make it slightly more difficult for those people to have those guns, it might have helped.

“But the reverse seems to be true. I think crime hit a high in the early 1990s. And since that time, over the last 30-35 years, we’ve seen a big drop in crime. And at the same time we’ve seen a big spike in ownership. So I’m not saying that we saw the drop in crime specifically because of the guns, though I think it’s a part of it. But obviously those two things are not related.

“And most times when we see a mass shooting, very tragic events obviously, the laws that the politicians come forward with almost never have anything to do with the event itself. It’s just some other hobby horse, some other law that they’ve been thinking about, that they want to push through. Because, in my estimation, it’s all just leading towards, not confiscation of all guns, but as close as they can get to that.” – David Harsanyi in How the Gun Made America Great

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  1. The second amendment was put in place in the Bill of Rights for a singular purpose. For the people to have a means to defend against a tyrannical government. Not for hunting or even self-defense although it is such a means in each case. The fledgling United States had just fought a revolutionary war with the most powerful military in the world at the time and won. The manner in with they fought the war was also a factor in defeating England. They were able to win because all Americans were armed (the militia) and those arms were the means for them to defeat that strong foreign military. They knew the guns must remain. That is also the reason why it was stated the way it was. “Shall not be infringed.” The second amendment is the most disputed statement in the bill of rights. While the second amendment is also the most abused of all the amendments.

    In actuality the second amendment is the keystone of the whole of the constitution. It helps keep the rest intact. While keeping the federal government restricted when enforced property. The constitution has not been enforced verbatim for over a hundred years ever since Woodrow Wilson (the first real progressive). These oppressive socialist/communist are out to fundamentally transform America and that means do away with the constitution and impose a communist state. Make no mistake about that.

    For some unknown reason these oppressive socialists/communists think if they can somehow get the guns legislated out of existence they could easily be confiscated. Of course nothing could be farther from the truth. No one knows for sure how many guns are in the US whether legal or illegal and no one knows for sure who has them and how many they have. Furthermore, the guns could not be totally confiscated in 50 years especially if the gun owning citizens refused to cooperate or comply to a confiscation law. How would they get them without causing a violent push back or civil war? They could not!

    Gun control laws do not work never have never will. Yet government keeps adding more every time there is a mass murder by a crazy or a drug driven person. A demonstration of governments incompetence is the act of more gun control. What do they expect the new laws to do? Because they accomplish nothing what-so-ever. They know they will accomplish nothing. They are a public pacification act only no other result is necessary. The reason that is true is simple. They constantly blame the wrong thing. The gun, and no gun can shoot itself it takes a person to pull the trigger. But those making the laws keep on blaming the gun. Therefore, nothing will ever change short of total confiscation which is absolutely impossible in America. Why you ask is it impossible? Because Americans know the history of the 20th century. Consequently they will not comply to any confiscation law! They know what dozens of dictatorships did during that bloodiest century in mankind’s history and therefore will never give up their ability to defend against a tyrannical government. Which I might add is the primary reason why the second amendment was put in place in our bill of rights.
    Contrary to what it seems the gun control lobby would have you believe Washington Post and many other so called news organizations, that are really propaganda outlets are dead wrong. All that has to be done to prove them wrong is study history. The 20th century was the bloodiest century in mankind’s history. Governments murdered more citizens through dictatorships like hitler, stalin and mao (as well as dozens of other smaller countries like Cuba) then all the wars ever fought in the world combined. You can also throw in all the mass murders carried out throughout the world combined as well. Somewhere between 170 million and 260 million or more citizens were murdered by their own governments. All that was necessary was to confiscate the guns. Take the means of the governed citizens to defend themselves away and they become quite vulnerable to the mercy of the people in charge and in this case all were dictatorships who demanded total and complete control over the people. Like all dictators before them they feared an uprising of the people against their tyranny. Those seen as a threat were in one way or another murdered by their government. Some were marched to open pits and shot, others gassed, some hung, others were beaten to death and others even starved to death (Ukraine under stalin). Anyone who says such a thing could not happen in the United States of America is wrong. That is exactly what the people of Germany, China, Russia and a couple dozen other smaller countries as well thought. “Such a horrible thing could never happen here.” But it did. It is rumored mao in china alone may have murdered well over a hundred million while stalin in the USSR also may have murdered over a hundred million as well. Think about that and let it sink in for a moment. Very nearly the population of the US murdered. The actual figure is not known and likely never will be known.

    After we who are paying attention see (over the past decade or so but at least under the Obama administration) how much the left has begun to hate anyone who disagrees with them who thinks they would hesitate to murder those who fight them and their takeover attitude? If they had complete control and the guns no longer existed. We have examples of how much the oppressive socialists/communists who are out to “fundamentally transform” this country hate conservatives and rest assured they would murder us in a second if they thought they could get away with it. Maxine Waters is a perfect example of that hatred. But she is just one example there are dozens perhaps many dozens if not more.

    The WaPo says those who fail to vote for gun control want children slaughtered are spewing propaganda. Those who vote for gun control and confiscation are voting for the government to murder its citizens who do not agree with government like what has happened millions of times before and we can prove it!

    Unless America can elect people to help get this nation back on track we will surely end up in another civil war. Electing any democrat yomorrow may add to that possibility.

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