Colorado Senate approves big win for Gun owners!

Members of the Colorado State Senate have passed Senate Bill 18-097 which allows gun owners (21 and over) to conceal and carry a handgun without having to apply for an additional conceal and carry permit.

Currently, law-abiding citizens are allowed to purchase firearms but are prohibited from carrying those same firearms concealed for self-defense without an additional permit.

Reported on Bearing Arms about the bill:

“It has no bearing on the criminal population of Colorado and never will. It doesn’t allow convicted felons to carry since they can’t legally own a gun anyway. It doesn’t allow people to carry a gun if they’re committing a crime since that’s already illegal, as well. Instead, it lets Joe and Jane Citizen who just got a death threat from someone they know strap on a firearm for their protection. It allows the single mom who found out she has to go to a sketchy neighborhood slip a pistol into her purse. It removes the barrier that might otherwise put these people’s lives at risk.”

Those are fantastic points and many people own guns purely for self-protection. If they don’t have a conceal and carry permit but feel unsafe without their firearm, are they supposed to remain on their own property forever?

While the Governor of Colorado is unlikely to sign the bill, it is encouraging to gun owners that pro-gun politicians are willing to push for such much needed reforms.

Constitutional Carry, as it is called by many, is already legal in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

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