Dallas Restaurant Stabs NRA Members In The Back

Last week Dallas restaurant Ellen’s came under fire from pro-gun and 2nd Amendment supporters.

The restaurant, which is located near where the NRA were hosting their annual meeting, decided that it would take part of their proceeds from sales to gun-owners and donate them to anti-gun organizations.

On top of their anti-constitutional donations, they decided they needed to rub it in the face of pro-gun and 2nd Amendment supporters.

Reported on Townhall:

“Last week, during the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Annual Meetings, Ellen’s, a Dallas restaurant, decided to let patrons know that management would be donating a portion of all proceeds to “organizations dedicated to implementing reasonable and effective gun regulations.”

They let their customers know by adding in a message at the bottom of all their receipts. The original version of the message stated the restaurant supported “reasonable and effective gun regulations.” They later changed the message following customer blow back and being called out by the NRA.

The NRA advised people who might be in town for the organization’s convention to steer clear of the restaurant.

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