Democrats Still Missing The Point On Gun Control

This week, a universal background check bill was proposed to the newly Democrat-run House.  One of the Republicans on the judiciary committee asked that Representative Steve Scalise give a testimony at the hearing as someone who supports the Second Amendment but is also a target of gun violence.  The request was declined.

Scalise relays his testimony for Fox News to still be heard.

I applaud the intentions behind this hearing and believe we are all pursuing the same goal of reducing gun violence. As someone who experienced gun violence, I do not want anyone else to go through that trauma. However, it is also important to me that we be honest with ourselves and the American people about what will — or won’t — actually prevent these tragedies.

The new gun control restrictions currently being considered by the Democratic majority in H.R. 8 would not have prevented my shooting.

In response to this proposed legislation, a spokesperson for the National Rifle Association brings home the point that Democrats keep missing:

So-called universal background checks will never be universal because criminals do not comply with the law.


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