Democrats Want MASSIVE Gun Database

When it comes to gun ownership, many don’t like the feeling that the government is watching and tracking their every move.

While there are already many systems in place to ensure that firearm purchases are done legally, gun control activists aren’t satisfied.  Now their puppet lawmakers have introduced legislation to build a massive, searchable e-database of all guns in America.


“Introduced as S.2974 just before Memorial Day by Democrats Bill Nelson of Florida and Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the measure is billed as bringing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives into the 21st Century by digitizing the currently archived paper records of gun transfers and compiling them into a searchable database.

The bill, championed by gun control groups and Stoneman Douglas student activists, would do away with the boxes and storage units by converting the records into an instantly searchable database over a three-year period. According to the text of the proposal, it would be searchable by date, FFL license number, and gun specifics such as manufacturer, importer, model, serial number, type, and caliber or gauge. It would not be searchable by personal individual information.”

Do gun owners really trust the government and, in some cases, very vocal anti-gun parts of the government to build and maintain a federal searchable database on guns? The possible IT nightmare is enough for many voters to demand this bill never see the light of day.

As so many gun owners know, the first step toward confiscation of firearms is the establishment of a national database of guns.

As the midterm elections approach, it is wise to align pro-gun views with pro-gun candidates. Gun owners can’t afford to skip these important elections when they’re pushing bills like this one… and so many more that threaten our 2nd Amendment rights.

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  1. How many Americans are gonna buy that the ’18 FL Senate election, between Dem gun-registry guy Bill Nelson, and GOP gun-control weasel Rick Scott is just a strange coincidence? One more time, we have an election, but no choice.

  2. Just because it starts out as not being searchable by individual information, doesn’t mean that will remain the case. Liberal incursions follow each other, a lesser evil opening the door for ever greater evils. What’s highly ironic is that liberals found a non-existent “right” to privacy in the constitution when activist judges forced Roe v Wade down the throats of conservatists, but they can’t see that same “right” when they should also apply it to the privacy of gun owners. Liberal is another name for hypocrite.

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