Does Florida Republican Party Support Gun Control?

File this under WTF?

Florida Republicans may support gun control?!

From the patriots at The Truth About Guns:

The Florida Republican Party, in support of incumbent Rep. Vern Buchanan, has released a blistering ad campaign against his challenger; Sarasota Democrat David Shapiro. Shapiro says he supports “common sense gun safety laws“.

The Florida GOP’s attack ads against Shapiro focus on his past investments in two companies, Vista Outdoor and the Olin Corporation. Vista owns such brands as Savage Arms, Speer and Federal Premium Ammunition, and BLACKHAWK! to name a few. Olin Corp. is the parent company of Winchester Ammunition.

The GOP ads paint Shapiro as a hypocrite, claiming he wants to ban firearms while he makes money from them. I personally don’t have an issue with that. What I do have an issue with is the Florida Republican party’s implied message.

The ads give the impression that the Florida Republican Party is in favor of gun control. I understand what they’re trying to do here, but lot of fence-sitting Republicans will look at this negatively. The flyer criticizes Winchester for allegedly making “cop-killer bullets” and implies that the manufacture of AR-15 patterns rifles is somehow evil.

The ominous photos and general theme give the impression that Shapiro isn’t really for “common-sense gun safety laws,” but the GOP is. It’s reminiscent of a Chris Christie flyer from when he was running for office in New Jersey.

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  1. First tell me what they are referring to in the gun show loophole. As far as i know it is the same as a registered gun shop. And there were no automatic weapons in Florida. No assault weapons. Only what the media portrays as an assault weapon. I hope the Republicans see what kind of man Shapiro is. He seems like the type that will change tactics if he is elected.

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