Florida Candidate Floats Assault Rifle Ban

The 2018 midterm elections coming up, in November, may be turning into a referendum on gun control.

While staunch 2A supporters have proudly showing their Constitutional views on gun control, anti-gun candidates are trying to one-up each other in making more and more outrageous gun control proposals. A current candidate in Florida thinks it’s a good strategy to run on the promise of banning assault rifles outright.

From Bearingarms:

“[Former U.S. Congresswoman Gwen] Graham pledged to ban assault weapons sales using a little-known state law.

“I have found a public safety statute that allows the governor, whoever she may be, to sign an executive order for public safety reasons banning that sale of military-style assault weapons,” Graham said.”

After years of gun control debates and extensive new laws put in place to strip citizens of their 2A rights, we see the anti-gun politicians’ real aim.  They want an outright ban on firearms.

While she may be correct on the executive order, it’s hard to believe that legislation couldn’t undo such an order before a new governor.

If you support the 2nd Amendment and are pro guns, it would be very smart to pay attention to your local and state level elections.

Understand where each candidate stands on guns and align yourself with the candidate that represents your views. As it’s evident with this candidate, your 2A rights could very well be on the line come November.

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  1. I am so tired of people who feel guns pull their own triggers! Instead of gun control, why don’t you gun grabbers try to figure out what is wrong with our society? Question, what is making so many people able to randomly kill innocent people, that they do not even know ? What is causing the despair and anger that people seem to easily generate now in our society ?.I believe that if you can answer these questions and solve these issues, you will see a decrease in gun violence, and violence in general.

  2. Second Amendment rights are the law of the land, and cannot be violated. Any so called local law, which infringes upon our right to bear arms is invalid. Period.

  3. I absolutely resent being made a criminal because I own a gun to protect my family, instruct my kids the safe and proper use of firearms, that my gun may be semiautomatic and/or look like an “assault” weapon, or the feeder magazine holds too many rounds. Looks like the enemy becomes government and I’m very disappointed with Rick Scott for caving in to the anti gun crowd who ignore real facts and want to put in laws like Nazi Germany, Australia, and other countries turned Socialist that think guns are the problem and should be banned. The 2d Amendment doesn’t define “assault weapons” which would have been the muzzle loaders in the 1700’s nor should we redefine our inalienable rights today by anti gun politicians who ignore reality to carry out their political agenda.

  4. I live and vote in Florida. I am an Independent. I believe in the Second Amendment. Side bar, I also believe AGW is real. But, relating to gun control, I would strongly consider voting for someone who supported concealed carry and at the same time opposed the uncontrolled sale of assault style guns. I believe we as a society would be safer.

  5. I realy don’t understand why they are pushing for gun control crap so hard according to the un we the people have around 390million guns thats more guns than people so do you really want a war with us.
    Molan labe

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