Florida Governor Betrays NRA, gun owners

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a hastily written bill aimed at stopping school shootings, but ended up advancing liberal gun control.

According to the Washington Post this was a shot across the bow of gun owners across Florida.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) defied his longtime allies at the National Rifle Association on Friday to sign into law a new set of gun regulations, more than three weeks after a school shooting claimed 17 lives in his state.

Instead of addressing the root causes of school shootings, or the failures of local and national law enforcement, Scott has pulled out the liberal playbook.

In addition to a voluntary and toothless school “defense” provisions, the legislation also increased the age to purchase certain firearms, instituted a three-day waiting period for many firearms purchases, and an outright ban on the purchase or possession of many common firearms accessories.

The move put Scott’s potential run for U.S. Senate bid in at odds with the conservative, gun owning base in Florida.

As the Wall Street Journal reports:

Mr. Scott’s shift on gun-control issues is a high-risk move and a rarity in politics that could have a direct impact on his political future.

“I would never vote for him for anything ever again after his public promotion of gun control,” said Ryan Ramsey, a 41-year-old who helped found a gun-rights group called Florida Carry and is now running for a seat in the state legislature. “He is capitulating.”

Zach Detwiler, 32 and a member of the Libertarian party, accused Mr. Scott of gaming the political environment by trying to appeal to Democrats and independent voters “just so you can get a Senate seat.”

Republicans have long counted on Mr. Scott getting into the Senate race, as the former health-care executive is viewed as the best candidate with the personal wealth and name recognition to compete in Florida’s expensive media markets against Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson.  No other credible Republican has come forward to run.

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  2. Governor Scott has sold out to the gun grabbers. He is planning to run for Senate, so will do nothing to offend the Left. As to Bill Nelson, do not vote for that man. He is a Liberal Democrat, and will do whatever he can to take your Right to own a gun.

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