Good Guy With a Gun Stops Restaurant Shooting

You know the old saying, “the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

That classic story of American self-defense played out again in Oklahoma City, when a patron of Louie’s Grill and Bar stopped a mad man who began shooting up the restaurant.

From CNN:

A man walked into Louie’s Grill & Bar and opened fire, striking two people, who are expected to survive. As the gunman ran from the scene, the bystander armed with a pistol confronted and fatally shot him outside the restaurant, Oklahoma City police Capt. Bo Mathews told reporters.

Sounds to me like this civilian saved the day!

The local police even called the man a “good Samaritan.”

“Right now, all I know is that it was just a good Samaritan that was there and looks like he took the right measures to be able to put an end to a terrible, terrible incident,” Mathews said…

When gunfire erupted Thursday at Louie’s, in northwest Oklahoma City, “it sounded like, you know, any kind of restaurant noise, a rack of plates crashing … glass breaking,” Ron Benton, who was inside the cafe when the shooting began, told CNN affiliate KFOR.
“But it was followed by a pop pop pop sound, and a wall of people started making their way to the floor, and making their way around to the backside of the bar,” he said.
When the shooting stopped, Benton and some friends headed to Louie’s parking lot. They spotted the shooter walking on a sidewalk, he said.
“He was just a 20-something-year-old kid,” Benton said, “Didn’t look very old. He was wearing ear protection and eye protection that you would have at a shooting range.”
Then, Benton told KFOR, he saw a car circle back after exiting Louie’s parking lot.
“A guy jumped out of it and went for the back of his vehicle. I just assumed maybe it was an off-duty officer or something like that,” he said. “It was just the way he moved, whoever it was. He just appeared to be somebody who had some training, some weapon training.”
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  1. Good on this guy. But, how many times are you going to rehash the same couple of stories? Now, how about you and I, two Second Amendment supporters, have a compromise? Concealed or open carry can save the day. Let’s run with it. But assault style weapons are more likely to kill more innocent people than do any good. Lets find the common ground.

  2. It is articles like these that prove the gun control groups’ point! Every time this happens, you come across with a screaming headline, reminding us of how rare these cases are. Meanwhile, every single day over 100 Americans are gunned down. Some take their lives, some kill others (almost always innocent people), and some have fatal accidents with guns. In this case, your headline *contradicts* the actual story (as you relay it): the attacker fled the scene, and then the “good guy” saw him, decided he must be the killer, performed his own quick trial, and executed judgement. Great application of law and order. The “good guys” killed the (alleged) attacker after the shooting took place.

    BTW, this was picked up by the MSM.

    Notice how infuriating it is that I say “alleged”? Wasn’t it obvious who the shooter was? After all, they saw him leave, and he was carrying a weapon and wearing protective gear. Yes, he probably was the right guy (I hope so) but here is something else to keep in mind: if everyone exercises his right to open carry, you may well run into situations where you can’t always be so sure who the attacker was.

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