Google ADwords to Ban Guns

Tech giants can’t seem to just stick to tech anymore.   In recent months, they’ve joined the smelly hordes of social justice warriors calling for more gun control.

In an effort to take on gun control by themselves, Google has announced they will ban and remove all ads on the platform that even mention firearms.

From Breitbart:

“The search engine will also be banning any AdWords that deal with the “3D printing of guns or gun parts,” this will include “instructions” on 3D printing of firearm parts. Google announced these new changes in an email, the subject line of which reads, “Google AdWords Policy Update – Change to Dangerous products or services Policy.”

Breitbart possesses the email, which provides a “non-exhaustive list of examples of products for which ads will no longer be allowed.”

Those include:

  • Stocks
  • Conversion kits
  • Scopes and sights
  • Tripods and bipods
  • Gun-grips
  • Gun-making instructions, software or equipment for 3D printing of guns or gun-parts

Google’s AdWord policy change comes just months after YouTube announced it was banning all gun demonstration videos and follows Facebook’s incremental prohibitions on gun ads and sales.”

Google is notorious for being left-wing in mindset and practice. Google is using the power of their internet platform to silence gun owners and gun rights supporters.

As these bans or shadow bans are rolled out, it will be interesting to see if the company faces any negative effects from their left-wing bias.  With many search engines staying out of politics and not leaning one way or another, it might only be a matter of time until Google learns its lesson.

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  1. this violates my Right to Free Choice. IT is my responsibility to determine what is safe or unsafe. Not some freckled (deleted word)… . Should my next door “neighbor” choose he does not want a “weapon” in his home, then that is HIS CHOICE, and should not be mine to ridicule or defame him. I/WE must respect the thoughts & choices of others regardless of our opinions.

  2. I find it odious that purveyors of a search engine which is used for so many purposes will take it upon themselves to make certain classes of perfectly legal, even necessary, information invisible to information seekers. Such arbitrary editing and distortion of results for searches made by persons who trust the integrity and completeness of information provided by supposedly unbiased, apolitical service providers is wrong, harmful, and should be illegal. We must find or create more responsible search engines. Google must not be permitted to provide users only the information it deems we should have access to. That is a breach of public trust and one more step along the road to fascism in America.

  3. I guess Motley Fool, or anyone else that has advertisements for investing advise, as well as trading houses will be in trouble – Can’t use the word “Stocks”

    Try doing a Google Search for “Conversion Kit” and I guarantee very few, if any, of the first hundred or so listings would be for guns (I guess it’s just too bad for those 4×4 truck places)

    Guess the camera stores are going to have to stop advertising too, or at least don’t mention their stock of “Tripods”

    Welcome to the world of “The Laws of Unintended Consequences”

  4. “…social justice warriors…?” My hind foot!!! This should read, “social INjustice warriors”. Not sayin’. Just sayin’.

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