Guess Which Country Singer Betrayed Gun Owners

Hollywood and it’s eastern satellite Nashville are often out of touch with the rest of country, and in many cases, the very people they provide entertainment to.

Take country music singer, Eric Church, who sings about trucks, dirt roads, and other Americana, attempting to tell the American heartland how they should feel about important cultural touchstones.

Except he forgot that the heartland, fly-over country to the bi-coastal elites like him, is chock full of gun owners, many of whom are NRA members.

Forgetting his audience, Church recently attacked the NRA for blocking gun control measures in Congress and state legislatures across the country.

In an interview with liberal music-rag Rolling Stone Magazine, Church went full Nancy Pelosi, calling for a national registry of gun owners, and limits on the number and types of firearms individuals should be allowed to own.  He also proposed limits on ammunition purchases for citizens.

Church continued, blaming the NRA and it’s members for being too effective in advocating to protect the Second Amendment.

From The Hill:

Country singer Eric Church said he blames the National Rifle Association (NRA) for holding up gun control legislation after a gunman killed dozens of people at a Las Vegas country music festival last year.

Church told Rolling Stone for a story this week that he blames gun lobbyists for why nothing more has been done to prevent mass shootings.

“I blame the lobbyists. And the biggest in the gun world is the NRA,” he said.

The singer called for a ban on bump stocks, improved background checks and closing the “gun show loophole” that allows for guns to be purchased from private sellers without a background check.

And that’s not all…

But nobody should have that many guns and that much ammunition and we don’t know about it.”

“Nobody should have 21 AKs and 10,000 rounds of ammunition and we don’t know who they are,” he continued.

Who the heck is Eric Church to determine what guns you and I should own?!

I won’t be surprised if he sees a drop in concert attendance and record sales because of his anti-NRA and anti-gun comments.

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  1. Just remember that the NRA does not pull the trigger on firearms, and just because Church sings songs does not make him someone that I have to look up to. He just has an avenue to say his feelings. Hey Eric I think your opinion is biased and incorrect. From some one who knew guns and music before you were born.

  2. Hopefully this clown never stares down the barrel of a handgun in his face, maybe then he’ll realize that good people with ccw on them are the ones who save idiots like Eric, what a douchebag

  3. These folks make my butt tired. They have a hit record and think their ideas are supreme. Like no one else has a good thought about anything. These attacks on the Constitutional rights are attacks on all of us. Anyone not recognising the Constitution is a traitor to America and to all of the law abiding citizens. Today South Africa asked their gun owners to turn in their firearms. Hitler still lives as does Stalin and all the despots of histories gutter.

  4. I love country music but as a legal gun owner, I was disappointed in Eric’s comments. Although we all have a right to our opinion, artist, actors and musicians should keep their opinions to themselves and leave their public platforms for their trade. I won’t be listening to his music anymore. I may represent a handful or many more country music fans.

  5. I have heard of this bozo before and will not even listen to any of his so called music,much less his lies about the N.R.A and the Second-Amendment. Hope he takes his music to China where they might like it!

  6. The majority of todays Country singers, look alike, sound alike, & most do not write their own music…It’s like the rest of Hollywood Plastic freaks…Made their money using a gun on the screen, then tell’s us you shouldn’t own a gun. They should all be flushed down a Urinal.

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