Gun Control Hysteria Sells More Guns, Legally?

As the nation is entrenched in the debate over more gun control, it seems that all the talk and activism, against gun rights, could be boosting legal sales of firearms.

According to new reports, requests to the FBI National Instant Check (NICS) background check system topped any previous month of May on record.


“As reported by the Washington Free Beacon (WFB), requests to the FBI’s National Instant Background Check System, or NICS — a common measure of gun sales — numbered 2,002,992, according to a report posted by the bureau. That is more than NICS requests in any previous May in the history of the background check system. The previous record came a year ago in May 2017, when the FBI’s system received 1,942,677 requests.

In addition, April 2018 saw more requests than any previous April, and March 2018 more requests than any previous March, the WFB noted, adding: NICS checks are considered the strongest indicator for gun sales because every gun sale made through a licensed dealer requires a NICS check and some states require the checks on used gun sales between private individuals.”

Many things can be attributed to the boost in requested checks and, most likely, gun purchases. The anti-gun media and activists have been on a non-stop attack of every firearm and gun owner.

Some states and cities have tried to force gun controls to limit ammunition,  ban certain common magazines, and even increasing the minimum age required to purchase firearms.

Gun rights advocates will obviously have this on their radar and want to ensure they can exercise their 2nd Amendment rights before some lawmaker tries to take it away. We have seen in the past that, when gun control gets brought up daily and on a national level, it seems to push sales of firearms higher in fears of new regulations.

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