Gun Control Senators targeting banks!

In the latest front in the war against guns and gun owners, gun control advocates are now targeting banks in their purist of complete citizen disarmament.

Reported from Bloomberg:

“On Wednesday, a dozen Democratic senators called on financial institutions to set new guidelines for their business dealings. The lawmakers want banks to follow an example set by Citigroup Inc., which required merchants it works with to refrain from selling firearms to customers under 21 or those who haven’t passed a background check. It also barred the sale of bump stocks and high-capacity magazines.”

It is insane to think that Democrat Senators are trying to blackmail banks into turning their backs on the Second Amendment, gun owners, and firearm manufacturers.

We have already seen the fierce backlash directed at companies like Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods for caving to left-wing pressure to restrict or limit their firearms sales. We have also seen a huge backlash against companies that have cut ties with the NRA.

To think that it’s the duty of a bank to control who purchases a firearm and when is unbelievable.

There is a reason we have laws in this country and why we have the Second Amendment. As the midterm elections creep closer, it’s very important to identify and back pro-gun candidates. It might be wise to check who you bank with and pay attention to their stance on the Second Amendment.

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