Gun-toting bouncer defends victim from attacker

As much as the rabid left tries to demonize concealed carry, the accounts of regular Americans using firearms to defend themselves and others don’t lie.

Just a few days ago, a gun-toting bouncer defended bar patrons from an armed attacker in Philadelphia.


Police say during that struggle the 27-year-old was critically wounded when the suspects gun fired.

We spoke with a woman who saw it happen from across the street.

“I could see the like, I can’t think of the word,” The flashes? “Yeah, the flashes I could see the flashes,” she said.

She says it was so close she thought her house was going to be hit.

“Yeah, really crazy and I’m crazy so I bent down below the front door,” she continued.

Now immediately after the victim was shot out here, someone from inside the bar ran out. That person had a license to carry and they shot the robbery suspect.

“And then the guy, I don’t know who he was, he was standing over somebody laying on the ground and he had a gun going like this, yelling at people to get back in,” she said.

It turns out police say the man who intervened was a security guard with the bar, and he shot the suspect.

It’s a good thing the security guard was there!

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  1. I would prefer making gun carry illegal, except for police officers and such. The fewer the guns, the “safer” most of us will be, I think.

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