Illinois In a Rush For MORE Gun Control!

In a state that already features some of the country’s strictest gun laws, apparently a few more can’t hurt.

From Bearingarms:

“The Illinois state House on Wednesday passed a 72-hour waiting period for all gun’s sales while the Senate sent an extreme risk protection order measure and gun dealer licensing act to Gov. Bruce Rauner.”

In addition to the 72-hour waiting period is a so-called the “red flag law”.

These laws have been a very hot topic of late between pro and anti-gun supporters. The so-called “red-flag” law could be used against individuals who are deemed a risk to themselves or others and can have their guns confiscated — in many cases without due process or judicial oversight.  These proposals obviously contain major flaws that could be abused in a host of ways.

It defies logic to see Illinois pass more gun control laws, even though the strict laws already on the books have done nothing to reduce gang-related gun violence in Chicago. The only thing gun control laws are doing in Chicago is keeping firearms out of the hands of innocent, law-abiding citizens.

A few Illinois counties have reportedly started to fight back in wake of the gun laws. Some are trying to adopt pro-gun sanctuary city laws that would protect the rights of those wishing to abide by the second Amendment.

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