Louisiana tells anti-gun banks to shove it

If you only listened to anti-gun media outlets like CNN or the New York Times, you might think anti-gunners were winning in their assault on the Second Amendment.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Americans of all stripes are standing up to the bi-coastal elites who want to destroy our way of life and shred the Second Amendment.

Politicians in Louisiana have had it with the anti-gunners, too.  While banks like CitiGroup and Bank of America shut down the accounts of gun manufacturers and firearms related businesses, Louisiana has decided if you’re anti-gun, you’re not welcome to do business in their state.

From WAFB:

The State Bond Commission voted, 7-6, to exclude CitiGroup and Bank of America from its negotiations of a $600 million deal because the banks refuse to finance certain gun retailers.

“You’re in the banking business. Why have you decided to enter into the policy-making business?” Rep. Blake Miguez, R-Erath, asked the CitiGroup bank representative at Thursday’s commission meeting.

That’s a great point!

The GARVEE bonds would allow the state to get the cash it needs for highway improvements up-front, but pay back with money it gets from the federal government for future projects.

Nearly 20 banks applied to underwrite the bonds, and the winning bank will act as an agent throughout negotiations…

“You can’t put a price tag on the second amendment,” Miguez said…

“It’s not us that brought the social police into this commission,” Attorney General Jeff Landry retorted. “It’s these institutions that did so, and in a very public way.”

Now that’s taking a stand!

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