Man saves a life with an AR-15

Over the past few years there have been relentless attacks from the Main Stream Media (MSM) against civilian ownership of the AR-15 rifle.

Even with the MSM bashing the weapon, there is no denying its effectiveness to defend people and possibly save lives rather than take them.

In late March, a firearms instructor from Illinois was getting ready for work as he heard screams inside his apartment building.

From the site Bearing Arms:

“Thomas, a gun instructor, peeked out the door and saw blood in the hallway. He went to his bedroom, where a handgun and an AR-15 assault-style rifle were lying on the bed. He picked up the rifle.

Police said Thomas confronted a man who was stabbing another man in the apartment complex on the 100 block of Harbor Drive. The man with the knife ran off when Thomas threatened to shoot him.”

Thomas was even commended by the local law enforcement on how he handled the situation and prevented further harm or loss of life.

While the MSM will never run a story like this, it goes to show how the AR-15 can be a lifesaver instead.

As the 2018 midterm elections inch closer, its very important for Second Amendment supporters to identify and back Pro-Second Amendment candidates.

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  1. Very Good article. A gun is a good thing to have FOR DEFENSE when lives are at stake. I have no grudge against the AR15. However, I have an effective range of 300 yards with an AR15. And an AR15 is kind of bulky for everyday use. In urban situations, the range is a lot less than 300 yards, even when in combat against an assassin with another AR15. Often a so-called “handgun” (i.e., revolver or pistol) can be used to do the job, even against an assassin with an AR15.
    If you have a gun, good. I also advocate carrying restraints like handcuffs or something similar, so that the gun can be used to make an arrest instead of to shoot the bad guy. And that reduces the risk of shooting an innocent person who also has a gun, because of mistaken identification (IT HAPPENS!). And even if you shoot a really guilty bad guy, then there is still a big risk of a legal hassle.
    And when the cops finally do show up, then make the best case as you can against the suspect.
    This is also a First Amendment issue. “MSM” means Ministry of Propaganda to me, not Main Stream Media.

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