Mom Uses Handgun To Save Daughter From Attacker

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. An intruder tries to break into your house, targeting one of your children.

A mother in Virginia recently faced such a frightening scenario. The mother was forced to defend her daughter with her pistol when a man who was targeting her daughter broke into their home.

The attacker had met her daughter over the internet and they started a relationship, which had reportedly ended, before the attacker made his move.

From Bearingarms:

“Troy George Skinner, 25, arrived at the girl’s home in Richmond, Virginia last Friday, while armed with a knife, pepper spray and duct tape, according to Goochland County police.

He had smashed the glass door and was reaching inside to unlock it when the girl’s mother fired her handgun, striking him in the neck. He survived.

Skinner had first met the girl on Discord, a platform and chat site for gamers. After several months, she stopped talking to him, despite Skinner’s attempts to continue contact.”

Anti-gun activists never want to talk about how women, who own guns, are empowered to defend themselves from predators like this man.

No one can argue the stopping power of a firearm, especially in the hands of a mother defending her children.

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  1. The mother belongs in prison and the man should be compensated for her attacking him with an ASSAULT pistol, at least according to liberal standards.

  2. You will never hear any of these positive gun usages to protect their families when attacked in their homes. Far left news media does not consider it as news.

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