More Black Women Embracing Guns For Self Defense

Despite what you might hear from Hollywood, the liberal media, or Democrats in Congress, guns are being used for self-defense at record rates.

Even with all the negativity toward firearms in the media, more and more black women are embracing firearms for self defense.

From Fox News:

Firearms instructors are reporting an increase in the number of black women learning how to use guns in self-defense courses around the country — and the reasons are varied.

“Minority women are definitely increasing in numbers,” Rick Ector, a firearms instructor, said of attendees at his weekly course just outside of Detroit.

“Women overall — in particular, minority women — are looking toward guns to protect themselves against crime,” Ector told Fox News. “Women are definitely drivers in the market right now.”

Other cities, like Savannah, Dallas and Cincinnati, have also seen an uptick in the number of minority women signing up for gun-training courses.

In Georgia, for instance, trainer Marchelle Tigner referred to the observation as a “movement” in an interview with the Guardian newspaper.

Tigner, who launched Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction in November, told the paper she had to expand room in her classes, which sold out after promoting them through social media.

“The growth of these classes – I never expected it,” she told the newspaper. “It shows me how unsafe these women feel in their communities.”

Stacy Washington — a conservative African-American columnist suspended last week by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch after she defended the National Rifle Association from comparisons to ISIS — also noted a trend of more minority women learning how to use guns.

“I believe the reason we’re seeing more women of color joining this movement to use firearms is because they’re realizing this is not a political issue,” Washington told Fox News. “It really never has been. It’s about personal safety and protection.”

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  1. Women with guns, exactly what the NRA wants. NRA was in part made to allow freed slaves the protection of the Constitution.

  2. It only shows that these woman won’t put up with the Dems running their lives like they have done since the 1800’s.


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