More gun laws won’t stop random violence

As the gun control debate fires up, yet again, the cry from the Democrats about the need for more gun laws is starting to sound like a broken record.

Anytime any act of violence happens, the same statement is made over and over: ‘more laws will fix everything!’

One recent gun control proposal that’s gotten a lot of favorable press is the so-called  “red flag gun law.” These laws are intended to confiscate guns from a person who is deemed a danger to themselves or others.

These proposals are taking a beating, from pro-gun enthusiasts and 2nd Amendment supporters, because of their appalling lack of due process protections. As tragic as the recent mass shooting have been, there are no laws that could guarantee prevention of those incidents.

From Breitbart:

“The problem with this push is that “Red Flag Gun Laws” would have done nothing to prevent the Santa Fe High attacker from striking because he did not own the guns he used, and he is too young to purchase firearms. The guns he used in the attack belonged to his father.

Red Flag Gun Laws” are one more set of laws that could be passed to alleviate the emotional distress and national heartbreak Americans feel after a heinous crime, but such laws would not do anything to prevent that very crime from being repeated day after day after day.”

As the nation mourns another shooting, the article from Brietbart makes a great point:

“At some point we have to come to terms with the fact that we cannot legislate away evil, we can only be prepared to meet it head on and stop it. Good guys with guns are a necessary part of stopping evil in its tracks.”

If we only focus on laws to protect us, we never fix the root of the problem. Banning all guns won’t stop violence because criminals will use illegal guns. Instead of throwing a law at the problem, maybe it’s time to figure out why these individuals are being triggered.

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  1. So, if there is nothing we can do about guns falling into the hands of those who are deemed to be a danger to themselves and/or others, and laws, like universal background checks, will never work because history has shown that human behavior can’t be controlled (drivers gonna speed, thieves gonna steal, pedestrians gonna J-walk), it is obvious to me that that leaves inanimate objects that CAN be controlled, just as you say, humans pull triggers…you can’t blame guns because guns do nothing until humans cause them to do something. That being the case, lets actually control that which we can:
    Stop (BAN) the manufacture, importation, and the transfer of ownership of all semi-automatic weapons.
    No confiscation, as you would be legally obligated to actually obey the Constitution and “keep” your arms. No violation of the Second Amendment, and after a while (this is a long term solution) the semi-automatic weapons pipeline would dry up with fewer and fewer available. As you say, “there are no laws that could guarantee prevention of those incidents” (mass shootings), but there is no reason to do nothing about the proliferation of the killing machines that enable them.

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