National walk out day a farce?

Another mass shooting shrouded in media lies.

In wake of tragic event in Parkland Florida, some students and schools had tried to put together a walkout on gun violence.

There were many debates across the country on whether the walk out was to remember those fallen in the school shooting or in protest of current gun laws. While most schools said the walkouts weren’t supposed to be “political,” tons of reports have come in how teachers and administration were forcing students to participate or screening speeches and behavior.

John R. Lott, a Fox news contributor has a daughter that is currently in high school and offered the following:

“At my daughter’s school – and from what I can tell from media reports at schools around the country – the National School Walkout didn’t encourage students to think for themselves. Instead, schools fell into the lockstep of political correctness to endorse one viewpoint on gun control and signaled to students what they should think. Those who disagreed with their peers’ speeches would be made to feel out of place.”

It’s obvious that the media is using these poor children as political pawns in their latest attempt at a gun grab.  They’re using the tears of children to justify shredding the Constitution.

Instead of having real debates on school safety, National Walk Out Day divided students and actively discouraged them from thinking on their own.


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