Negligent Discharge Could Cost Agent His Job

There’s an almost unbelievable story coming out of Colorado, which saw a FBI Agent at a bar “dancing” and preforming a backflip.  During the flip, his gun fell out of his holster.

Upon picking up the dropped firearm it discharged and shot a fellow bar patron. Luckily, the patron only suffered a serious but recoverable wound and not a life threatening injury.

From Bearingarms:

“Denver District Attorney Beth McCann has formally charged an off-duty FBI agent in connection with the discharge of his weapon at a Denver nightclub. Chase Bishop (dob: 06-19-1988) is charged with one count of assault in the second degree-(F4). Bishop turned himself in to Denver Police on Tuesday June 12th. The charge was filed today.

The charge alleges that in the early morning of Saturday, June 2, 2018, Bishop was dancing in a nightclub at 2201 Lawrence Street when his firearm dislodged from the holster and fell onto the floor. When he retrieved his handgun, it discharged, hitting another patron. The victim suffered a serious, but non-life threatening, gunshot injury in the lower leg.”

This story is next-level of stupidity.

Gun owners know that guns are not toys and have to be treated with respect and safety for the powerful tools that they are.

It’s amazing to think that this agent actually felt it okay to dance and perform a back-flip with a loaded handgun.

With any lucky, the FBI won’t get in the way of charges and he will receive his due punishment. The last thing gun supporters need is for those who carry firearms to be running around recklessly with no care or safety for their firearms.

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  1. The charge of assault is a specific intent crime. This means he had to have intent to shoot this bystander. He obviously didn’t. This was a negligent discharge and I’m sure the prosecutor can come up with something to charge him with, but not assault. My guess is the victim does have a great law suit coming.

  2. No modern firearm should discharge (fire) simply by being dropped. Isn’t it interesting how no one mentions the name (manufacturer) of that pistol? I’m guessing it is a Sig, which is the new service pistol selected for our military, and is known for ADs (accidental discharges).

  3. I don’t recommend any punishment at all. This agent showed irresponsible behavior with the treatment of his firearm and a few back-flips while inebriated shows bad judgement but nothing criminal. He’s a good guy and has a young family.

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