New tech to make firearms safer?

Gun locks are nothing new but the advancements in technology for them are.

IDENTILOCK has just released their latest tech in gun locks.

The IDENTILOCK is a biometric fingerprint trigger lock that goes on an assortment of firearms. The theory behind IDENTILOCK is to provide a safe way of storing a firearm or protecting it against unauthorized use.


“For daily living, IDENTILOCK prevents children, guests or intruders from accidentally discharging a firearm. In a crisis, IDENTILOCK provides faster access than any other firearm safety device on the market. Constructed of high-strength, impact-resistant polymer, IDENTILOCK weighs in at less than 12 oz. and measures about the same size as a wallet. It is compatible with any USB Type-C charging outlet and will hold a charge up to six months while in standby mode.”

The fingerprint reader can also be programmed to be unlocked for other fingers or the other hand in case of a dire situation.

As the debate over arming teachers will no doubt tread on, it might be wise for lawmakers to pay attention to such technology.  The latest gun lock technology could make strides in ensuring only authorized owners of firearms are the ones using them, especially in schools.


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