NJ Gun Laws Blocked Female From Defending Herself

One of the main reasons people own firearms is to be able to defend themselves.

Despite the Constitutional protections of  2nd Amendment, many states are doing their best to try and undermine this fundamental, natural right.

Sadly, these unconstitutional restrictions often have very serious consequences for American citizens, as it did in New Jersey recently.

In a tragic story from New Jersey, a woman was waiting on her firearm identification card, which often can take months to be issued. During that government-mandated waiting period, she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend.

She had a standing restraining order against him, but unfortunately paper doesn’t save lives like a Smith and Wesson.

From Guns.news:

“As TownHall’s Matt Vespa reports, “insane” gun laws in New Jersey contributed to the death of a woman in June 2015 who was stabbed by an ex-boyfriend as she waited on a state agency to issue her a “firearm identification card” so she could ‘legally’ obtain a handgun – a process that takes months.

The Courier-Post reported further that Carol Bowne, 39, described as a “petite hairdresser,” felt threatened by domestic violence to the point where she began the months-long process of getting a handgun to defend herself in her Berlin Township home.

She had gotten a restraining order against a former boyfriend, Michael Eitel, 45, but like so many others before and after him Eitel ignored it, showed up at Bowne’s home and allegedly stabbed her to death.”

While the main stream media is loath to report on such a topic, sadly, stories like this happen all to frequently.

While left-wing lawmakers try to convince Americans that gun control will protect lives, it usually ends up doing the opposite.

This poor woman had done everything in her power to defend herself, but was left to waiting on the government for permission to defend herself with a gun.

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  1. All anyone has to do is ask themselves “Would you rather be killed by someone with a gun or kill that person? Would you rather be arrested for having a gun illegally or would you rath be killed because you did not have that gun yet? Answers are simple and would save many lives.

  2. In states like NJ and NY you lose either way. You are either dead or in jail with tens of thousands of legal expenses.
    Given the choice I’ll shoot first!

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