Nothing is sacred, not even our history.

Historical gun museum display / Credit: Shutstock

An Australian community is banding together to petition a new law. This legislation will leave a treasured local gun museum nothing more than a building full of useless hunks of metal.

The iconic Lithgow Small Arms Factory has served as a museum for two decades. They take in unregistered firearms to display them for the community. In no uncertain terms, they perform an invaluable historical and educational purpose.

A new law wants to destroy all of that.


Now, Lithgow’s collection is the subject of a regulation passed in the Australian state of New South Wales to have museums that store arms make them “permanently inoperable.” Previously, Lithgow and others could just remove the firing pin to deactivate weapons, a temporary move that largely kept the gun intact, just not fireable. What the government wants now is a more drastic method.

Rather than just pulling the firing pins, the law would require them to weld all of the working parts of the firearm shut. This would reduce the artifact “to a metal blob rather than a genuine firearm.”

How can they stand for such an affront to their heritage?


The museum is petitioning the NSW government to allow them to leave the current operation as-is. The group argues an “unimaginable loss of history” would occur should the collection be ordered butchered. They estimate that as much as 70 percent of their current holdings would have to undergo the new procedure.

Here in America, the same thing could start happening if the anti-gun lobby gets their way. Our rights are under constant threat, from those who have no place dictating our God-given rights.

An attack on our brothers and sisters anywhere in the world is an attack on us all. We have to stay informed and stand together against those who would take our heritage. Our history. Our rights.


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