NRA Exposing Anti-Gun Politicians Before Florida Primary Election

The National Rifle Association is holding politicians’ feet to the fire in an exhaustive lobbying campaign before the Florida Primary Election.

Earlier in the year, Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans passed a bevy of anti-gun measure to placate David Hogg and his juvenile chorus of Bloomberg-paid stooges.

However, as the Democrats clamored for more gun control via a special legislation session, to potentially repeal Florida’s stand your ground laws, some Republicans pushed back, hard.

As many politically active gun owners know, election season — when they need our votes — is the best time to lobby politicians over their positions on the Second Amendment.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

Democrats did Republicans a “great service” by calling for a special legislative session on stand your ground.

That’s according to National Rifle Association lobbyist Marion Hammer, who sent out a press release Saturday saying that lawmakers who voted against the session will see their grades boosted by the national gun rights group.

“As voters are heading to the polls in the Primary, they can be confident in the knowledge that they know exactly where their elected officials stand on the important constitutional right of self-defense,” Hammer wrote in the release.

The August 10 call for a special session on stand your ground, which the NRA has long supported, would have required the approval of three-fifths of the Floria House and Florida Senate. The measure, which came in the wake of the killing of Markeis McGlockton, was resoundingly defeated along mostly partisan lines 58 to 33 in the Florida House and 19 to 15 in the Florida Senate.

Although no special session was called, Hammer said the vote gave legislators a chance to improve their standing with the NRA. In particular, Hammer wrote, legislators who saw their grades drop after voting for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act — which included modest gun restrictions — could achieve a marginally better score if they voted against the stand your ground special session.

“Republican incumbents who previously had NRA ratings of A or A+ and voted in favor of SB-7026, the so-called ‘school safety’ bill that contained gun control provisions, had their ratings dropped to a ‘C,’ Hammer wrote. “Incumbents who voted against calling a Special Session are eligible for a grade increase up to a ‘B-.'”

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  1. We now need to see a National concealed carry permit, that requires all State’s to recognize. So we can protect our families while traveling as well. Think of the benefits to the police across the country, Back up at the drop of a hat, free of charge. Crimes thwarted before they happen. Mass shootings stop almost immediately. Just to many benefits to list. Thank you for your support.

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