Oath Keepers offer to protect Kent State Alum

Last week Kaitlin Bennet made headlines for posing in graduation photos with her rifle and graduation cap that read “come and take it”. The Kent State alum added one of her photos to her twitter feed:

After posting her tweet, several twitter trolls made very serious threats to her. One user even went as far to threaten physical violence against her (the account got blocked). Taking notice, of the abuse she was receiving for standing up for the 2nd Amendment, Oath Keepers has offered assistance.

In a response to her tweet, Oath Keepers stated “Kaitlin, we would be honored to assign some of our retired police officers and special forces veterans to protect you, free of charge. They are low-key pros who know how to do it right. One of them guarded Sarah (@sarahpalinUSA) just say the word. See PM.”

While it’s disturbing that an organization would have to offer assistance to a citizen who believes in exercising their Constitutional rights, the Oath Keepers are a class act.

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  1. I hope that she takes them up on their offer. We all need to be armed and vigilant, with all of the criminals that are floating around, just waiting to assault a victim. I almost never walk around unarmed. Better safe than sorry!

  2. Lobbies are all for gun control, as long as they control who has them. This Lady is exercising her guaranteed right to protect herself from scumbags who try and pick peaceful places to cause mayhem! If more people openly let it be known they will attend an event “ armed “ then those cowards would slink away like the vermin they are. I applaud Oath Keepers for their stand( even though it’s a sorry state of affairs that has led to it being necessary) and if they have a place for a Nam vet that can’t stand nor walk around very much, I would join them. LP, hidden guard post, etc……. I pulled two combat tours and dont have the pause before busting a cap in a tight situation. If not, then know this combat vet is rendering “ Present Arms “ to them!

  3. Kaitlin should have included the date of the Kent State shootings in her tweet. The shooting happened on May 4, 1970. Those who want to stir up anti-gun sentiment could easily take Kaitlin’s comments out of context and claim that the shootings happened recently, thus falsely implying there has been “Another school shooting in Ohio”.

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