Off-duty Officer Saves Lives by Stopping Gunman

When a psycho decides to go on a rampage there are not many things that can stop them. Luckily for diners at a restaurant in Georgia, there happened to be an off-duty police officer in range of the incident that was about to unfold:


“Clayton County Police spokeswoman Sgt. Ashanti Marbury told news outlets the officer saw someone firing shots toward another person near a restaurant Sunday afternoon. The officer was working an approved security job at a nearby church.

Police say the initial shooting erupted after a man made an inappropriate comment toward a woman with two other men in the restaurant. An argument ensued outside as the suspect followed them before firing shots, police say.

It was at this point that the off-duty officer went to confront the suspect, who then fired at him. The officer then returned the favor and wounded them assailant who then died en route to the hospital.”

It comes as no surprise that a law-enforcement officer would spring into action to protect citizens in his community. Gun control activist will scream that guns are terrible, and no one should have them, but they’re ignoring reality.  This officer without a doubt saved many lives that day by stopping the attacker.

As much as anti-gun protestors won’t admit it, good guys with guns can, and do, save lives.

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  1. You people are hopeless. NO ONE denies that good guys with guns, in the right circumstances, can save lives. The problem is, you people deny that the concept of “good guys with guns” also wind up getting innocent people killed, because you want to carry it to the ultimate extreme.

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