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Oliver North needs you!

The NRA President reminds us that our freedom is at stake, and the Nov. 6th elections couldn’t be more important. It’s time to stand up to the “super-rich political elites” who’s socialist agenda stands in the way of everything we hold dear.


Their goal is a clear and present danger! They plan to seize power in Washington by capturing the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. Then they’ll crush the NRA, take the White House two years from now and repeal the Second Amendment. It is an all-out attack against us and our freedom, not with bombs and bullets, but with billions of dollars buying ballots.

This November get out and protect your rights as a citizen of this fine and free country. As President North himself stated:

On Nov. 6 every one of us must turn out and vote. And every one of us must get someone else out to vote, too. No one can sit this election out. The stakes are too high. Every vote is needed.

As law-abiding gun owners and Second Amendment advocates, you know the battlefield in this election. You helped win this fight two years ago, and you know our freedom cannot afford to let up this year.

Get out and vote!

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