Patriotic employee resigns over Dick’s anti-gun policy

Some companies may be feeling the absurd pressure from the main stream media, and have decided to change some of their policies in recent weeks.

Dick’s Sporting Goods announced that they will no longer sell firearms to anyone under the age of 21 and will not be selling any so-called “assault style” rifles.

Grumbling has rightly already begun over the new policies as one worker has already quit since they were implemented.

Griffen Mccullar who worked in a North Carolina store sent in his resignation stating about the policies “I find them morally and constitutionally wrong. I refuse to be a part of a corporation with these liberal policies.”

Bravo, Mr. Mccullar!

Mccullar only 20, is now barred from making any gun purchase from the sporting goods retailer due to the new policies. Another employee in Nebraska, Alex Degarmo has also resigned.

According to the NewsObserver, Alex stated the following:

“I will not take part in the systematic discrimination Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Edward Stack has arbitrarily decided to implement. It is unfortunate that the CEO Edward Stack decided to alienate a group of individuals throughout our nation, and for that I am resigning.”

Only time will tell how back the backlash will continue to grow for the sporting goods store. Not only have employees decided to quit over the policies, demands for boycotting of the store are being touted around on various social media platforms.

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