Pharmacist Stops Robbery With Revolver

No matter what the anti-gunners and their allies in the main-stream-media say, the truth is guns save lives.

As we have seen time and time again in the face of danger, having a firearm can help stop a robbery or even prevent a violent attack or murder.

Recently a pharmacist was called upon to protect himself when he noticed his store was being robbed by two men. The pharmacist grabbed his handgun and sprang into action.

From Bearingarms:

“Wasim Amir, owner of Karemore, said two men wearing ski masks walked into the pharmacy on Somerset Avenue. Amir was sitting in his office when the suspects entered the pharmacy, but looked up when he heard some commotion.

“The man with the rifle ordered everyone down on the ground,” Amir said, “including one customer, a woman, who happened to be in the store.” When Amir realized a robbery was in progress, he said he took his revolver out of a desk drawer and started to walk out into the shop holding the handgun. He was met by the would-be robber, who pointed the rifle at him, he said. “When he saw my revolver,” Amir said, “he yelled to the other man to run, saying ‘He has a gun’ and both of them started running away. I fired once in their direction, but it doesn’t seem like anyone was hit.”

The two men were found and arrested and are facing a host of charges including armed robbery.”

Another robbery foiled and lives saved because a good guy had a gun!

The media will never report on such stories but at the end of the day the many Americans know the truth. Law abiding citizens that are allowed to legally carry a firearm are the best self-defense available in situations like these.

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