School Administrator bans student for Gun Range photo with Father!

During the 2016 election a mini-celebrity spawned out of seemingly nowhere. The infamous “red sweater guy” Ken Bone from the presidential debates recently came under attack for spending time with his son.

Ken posted a picture during a Twitter fight between two students from Parkland, FL over gun control. The picture was a photo of Ken and his son at a shooting range.

Reported from BearingArms:

“Ken Bone — aka the “red sweater guy” — claims his son was suspended from school on Thursday and is now being investigated by cops for a photo that shows him firing an assault-style rifle at a shooting range.

The picture was posted by Bone earlier in the week after he caught wind of a Twitter exchange between Marjory Stoneman Douglas student and gun rights advocate Kyle Kashuv and national security lawyer Bradley P. Moss.”

While it’s understandable now that schools might be taking closer looks to things that are posted online, this is a gross overreach of power from the administration.

It’s clear from the photo that Ken and his son are practicing safe shooting and that in no way is there a threat to anyone at the school.

Its obvious that gun control advocates will try everything to push their own agenda. It remains to be seen if Ken and his son will take legal action against the school.

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  1. The father needs to sue the school big time and then use the money to home school his son. The son would be much better off being home schooled than attending a left wing wacko public school. This whole thing is ridiculous. I bought my first rifle at the age of 14, from a department store, and there was no paperwork or mommy and daddy needed. I still have that Mossberg rifle, which is now somewhat of a collectable. My father taught my and my two brothers and sister how to safely handle a firearm and shoot straight, before we were 10 years old. As a result we all knew how to handle a firearm safely and were prepared to defend our home from intruders, if necessary.

  2. I can’t tell if the son is wearing ear protection but Bone clearly is not. If you’ve ever been in an enclosed shooting range, you know how extremely loud those rounds are. It is very dangerous to your hearing to go without protection. That is irresponsible.

  3. As a teenager I was on a rifle team cos he’d by my Dad. My Dad was a gunsmith so we grew up with all kinds of firearms. We used to compete in the National Rifle Championships every summer. We used to go to the firing range all the time to practice. We were taught how to respect the weapons and use them properly. Guess what? Not one time did a rifle or pistol go outside our home and shoot anybody. People are nuts!!!!!

  4. It is time to remove your son from public school. They have nothing to offer him. The public schools have little to do with learning. Because the aim of public education, is conformity and blind obedience to all authority.

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