Tennessee Governor Candidates Clueless on Teachers Carrying?

Allowing trained teachers to carry firearms in schools has been a very hot topic of late.  As each state weighs how to protect students and schools, many lawmakers are working to allow teachers to carry firearms in schools.

Out of the 5 candidates in a recent gubernatorial forum in Tennessee, 3 of the 5 candidates opposed the idea of teachers carrying.

More shocking was 2 out of the 5 stated they haven’t met a single teacher who has advocated for it.

However, Professional Educators of Tennessee (PET) finds that almost impossible and feels that the candidates are simply out of touch with real teachers.

Reported on Ammoland.com:

“J.C. Bowman, Executive Director of PET said that there are a large number of teachers across the state who have already been issued handgun carry permits, with many of them being former military or former law enforcement personnel.”

“We sent our survey results to every candidate for Governor, Republican and Democrat, and they should all be aware that there are hundreds of teachers who are in fact willing and able to do what it takes to increase the safety of our schools, including carrying their own weapons on campus,” Bowman noted.”

That survey reported 47% of teachers already had carry permits and would be willing to go through proper training.

I’m sure it makes voters wonder if the politicians are even listening to their voters or simply taking advice from anti-gun activists.

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