They Say ‘Common Sense’, We Call BS!

gun laws poll

Once again, the Dems are putting the blame on law abiding citizens. What’s their excuse this time?

Road rage.

As if every gun carrying American is somehow also a crazed maniac who can’t handle a little traffic.


This “common sense gun safety measure” will no doubt save countless lives on the Keystone State’s highways and byways[…] Funny, but proximity to a firearm has never had an effect on our state of mind, let alone the way we drive.

Like most anti-gun legislators, Comitta is probably blissfully unaware of how quickly a driver can slip a magazine into an unloaded semi-automatic handgun.

If we rolled our eyes any harder we’d be looking at the backs of our skulls.

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  1. Again the democrats are telling lies about guns, the only people that are into a rage and out of control mobs, ARE THE DEMOCRAT PARTY, on their constant attack on guns, their mob rule on illegals, on the rule of law, their do not care even when they run c rooks for office, like in Fl. govenor race who the FB I is investigation. their attack on the Supreme court justice etc.

  2. So, let me ask you. Where is the benefit of having a loaded gun in your car? Somebody carjacks you, and now they have YOUR loaded gun as well as their own. Brilliant. Or NOT. Or you get into a gun battle and one, or both of you, are dead. Though I guess in many ways that would be a good ending for those of us who worry about such things.

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