USCCA Advocating for School Conceal and Carry

United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) believes the best way for us to secure our schools is to allow concealed carry by trained faculty and staff. As the nation debates the best possible way to secure our schools, USCCA makes a great point.


“Concealed-carry permit holders are on the front lines of defense for our students, because they have the necessary knowledge and experience to protect their classrooms. In an emergency situation, seconds matter,” wrote Tim Schmidt, Founder & President of the US Concealed Carry Association in an op-ed for

Several school districts in South Dakota have also implemented a ‘School Sentinel’ program, where school officials with concealed-carry permits can undergo training by the local police department in firearms proficiency and first aid.”

The most common rebuttal to this common sense proposal is that an unauthorized person could some how get a hold of the gun. This argument is easily defeated by the abundance of new gun-lock technology that only allows authorized persons to access and use the firearm.

As the debate rages on how to best protect our schools, defending our kids with proper trained faculty and staff might be our best bet.

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