Utah Man Slapped With Sentence Over Machine Gun Kits

The 2nd Amendment is a proud right held to many Americans.

While those that support the 2nd Amendment legally purchase many different firearms and many different accessories, one must always obey the law when it comes to modifications.

In a rare case out of Utah, a man was arrested for allegedly selling kits that would convert an ordinary AR-15 into to machine guns.

From Bearingarms.com:

“Scott Ray Bishop told U.S. District Judge Dee Benson that he thought his product was the same as bump stocks or trigger assemblies that are sold legally.

‘In my view, my kit was no different. In my view, my kit was as legal as they were. I was wrong obviously,’ he said.

A jury in January found Bishop guilty of unlawfully engaging in the business of manufacturing machine guns and illegal possession and transfer of machine guns. Benson sentenced Bishop to 33 months in prison followed by three years of probation. Benson called the case ‘troubling.’ He said Bishop was seemingly unaware of how risky his endeavor was and that a lot of his clientele were people ‘we would not want converting anything into an automatic weapon.'”

While it is possible that Bishop’s claim to ignorance is possible, unfortunately it’s not a sound defense in the court of law. As people take time to research and learn how to build and manufacture such modifications, usually they come across information stating that what they intend to build is illegal. There will always be a big market for after-purchase modifications to an assortment of firearms. When purchasing or manufacturing any modification, do your homework and see if the modification is breaking any laws to avoid serious jail time.

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  1. I am a Life Member of NRA, and have had guns all my life, as did my Dad (NRA for 50 years), my Grandfather, his Father, etc. However, I do not agree with Bump stocks, silencers, or any device that makes any firearm fully automatic. For God’s sake, aren’t we having enough problems with the Left wing, Liberal, brain dead Democrats who are pushing to forcibly take our Second Amendment Rights? Stop trying to subvert the Law.

  2. The bump stock does not alter the interlocking mechanism of the firearm! Therefore the AR style semiautomatic mechanism is not altered and therefore fires on “CLOSED BOLT” with the bolt locked in place and mechanically interlocked to the trigger and firing pin, requiring the trigger to be released and reengaged each time the bolt cycles as all semiautomatic only firearms do! It is not an automatic firearm nor does it assimilate that function. This text is from Slide Fire the manufacturer of the “Bump Stock”. Therefore Scott Ray Bishop must be the most infamous ignoramus in the world with his statement to the judge.

  3. Pay attention boys and girls. There is NO AFFORDABLE DEVICE that you can just drop in or
    attach and turn your AR15 into a M16. In SOME states you can legally buy a military grade fire
    control group either full auto or 3 round burst. BUT you better know your way around a machine shop and have a few $$$$$ for a milling machine or very high grade drill press, not harbor freight. You will also need the full specs. and locating jigs so you don’t destroy your lower
    receiver. All the measurements for this operation are in thousandths of an Inch so you
    will need some precision measuring instruments. $$$$ In normal states possession is not
    illegal until you put it together. A binary trigger is the best way to go if you want to burn up
    some ammo. They are only $300-$400 and totally legal. The weapon fires when the trigger is
    pulled and again when released, NOT FULL AUTO. I don’t know why Jennings is against suppressors, not silencers. He obviously has never shot a weapon with a suppressor. They are a pleasure to shoot. With the development of land, shooting ranges seem to be on the same path as drive in movies. If they would sell suppressors outright and not make you jump through the full auto hoops, those ranges could extend their lifetime by drastically lowering the amount of noise. If you are bucks up there is a device called a lightning strip that you can just drop in and rock and roll. It takes the same paperwork as a machine gun, they have a serial# and the last time I saw one for sale it was $6000. Yes thousands!! I am a lifetime NRA member and
    try to educate others when I can. Be safe and go shooting for real,not video.

  4. ALL full autos…..including those that you talk about are EXTREMELY expensive. The last time that I looked an M16 was about the cheapest at around $15,000. That would include the full auto or 3 round burst fire control group without the rest of the rifle. That is the expensive part because they are limited in number and MUST have been registered with the feds prior to a date in May of 1986. Unregistered receivers are illegal and the consequences of buying them without that tax stamp is a VERY serious offense. DO NOT DO IT WITHOUT GOING THROUGH THE LEGAL CHANNELS. You could waste the same ammo with a trigger or bump fire stock or even your free belt loop and thumb…….legally. Oddly enough using a rubber band setup is illegal. BUT I WILL REPEAT…….DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT PURCHASING AN ILLEGAL TRIGGER GROUP OR RECEIVER.

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