‘Violence Never Solved Anything’? Well It Will Sure Save Your Life.

Anyone who’s ever been backed into a corner knows that sometimes, violence is the ONLY answer. When it comes to your life, or the life of someone you love, there’s nothing you won’t do to protect yourself – and you better know how.

The liberal anti-gun crowd can preach their non-violent rhetoric all they want while they’re safe behind their computer screens, but when push comes to shove you better be able to push back.

From TheTruthAboutGuns.com:

“‘Violence never solved anything.’ This platitude is so patently and obviously false that it takes some pretty special mental gymnastics to say it, much less believe it. The fact is that some things, especially dangerous things happening very fast, can ONLY be solved by violence.” – Rory Miller, martial artist, instructor, and author, Violence: A Writer’s Guide.

Don’t let the passive-aggressive “humanitarians” fool you – sometimes there is no other answer.

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