Who’s next?! Maryland set to impose stricter guns laws?

In the wake of the tragedy in Parkland Florida, Gov. Rick Scott signed in new guns laws taking away the second amendment rights of 18-20-year olds. The restrictions saw the age to buy a firearm in Florida increased to 21, banning bump stocks, and giving police the power to confiscate weapons from “mentally ill.”

Now other states are starting to taking note and could follow suit.  Anti-gun groups in Maryland are making a push to have new laws added to further restrict access to guns in the Chesapeake state.

According to CBS Baltimore, Jen Pauliukonis (President of Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence) had the following to say about what she thinks Maryland residents feel on the topic:

They are going to be focused on gun violence prevention and gun safety, and they’re going to be taking it to the voting booth.

All supporters of the Second Amendment should keep a very close eye on their own states and beware of any last-minute action taken by state legislators to sneak through more gun control.

Gun owners and Constitutional supporters must stay informed as the 2018 midterm elections approach as gun control will be a hot topic.

Gun rights group are not taking these attacks laying down.  The NRA has already filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida over their new anti-gun laws. They — rightly — contented that the new law violates the Second Amendment by not allowing 18-20-year olds to purchase firearms they are  legally allowed to buy at under Federal law.

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