Why Does The MSM Never Report On Responsible Gun Owners?

For those of us living outside the main-stream-media (MSM) bubble, we often hear about responsible gun owners saving lives and stopping criminals.

Yet there are many within in the MSM bubble that never hear or even have a clue that gun owners responsibly save lives with firearms.

From Gun Owners of America:

“According to a Centers for Disease Control statistic, “firearms are used far more often to save life” by a ratio of 16 to 100 times more often. Yet the mainstream media doesn’t report this. They also don’t report on the numerous incidents of responsible gun owners stopping crimes from being committed.”

The article also goes on to point out the statistics of other methods that have led to death and are never highlighted by the media.

It’s the typical bias of the media to only pick one side of the gun debate and focus solely on the negatives guns can bring if used improperly.

Multiple times a day, you can find reports on how a law-abiding citizen with a gun stopped a criminal. It’s time the stigma of the MSM gun fear mongering comes to an end.

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  1. You claim that multiple times a day I should be able to find reports on how a law-abiding citizen with a gun stopped a criminal. I call bull shit on that. I subscribe to multiple right wing media blogs every day in order to keep track of what the opposition is doing. BTW, I say opposition with no malice at all, even though I sense malice from you. And the truth is, I keep hearing (from the conservative media), the same few stories over and over about the same few times when a good guy used his or her gun to stop a bad guy with a weapon. Hardly multiple times a day; in fact, barely multiple times a year. If it is happening more frequently than that, if the MSM isn’t reporting it, why aren’t you reporting it?

  2. Why would the news report responsible gun owners? Do they report responsible drivers? The news reports exceptions to the norm, so that we have examples of the bad or exceptionally good. Unfortunately we have much more exceptionally bad so this is what they try to show us is wrong. Even the best people sometimes act bad or irresponsibly, so we can’t really control or predict people. So you have to resort to controlling the means with which they kill or do harm.

  3. MSM is the largest anti-gun organization in America. They refuse to report that in 2million cases a year that an armed citizen has saved the life of a policeman or stopped a robbery without firing their guns. I fear we gave too many Hitler-like individuals who want to over throw America. Another fear I have is a foreign invader.

  4. MSM is the largest antigun organization in the U.S. They refuse to report the 2 million cases a year that an armed citizen has saved the life of a policeman or stopped a robbery without firing a shot.

  5. BEWARE THE “MSM”! I call the “MSM” the Ministry of Propaganda. And, like cancer, they are spreading. In the real world, Mickey Mouse is FAR more dangerous and predatory than is Brer Fox. But Mickey Mouse is looking to buy Brer Fox. We need news agencies which tell the truth and cannot be bought, bribed, or intimidated by the left wing. And, i do emphasize to tell the truth. Unlike the “MSM”, we need to verify what we report or read. And if we report something which we have not verified, then we need to say that also. Especially, do not merely report what U WISH is happening (too many of us, including myself, are tempted to do so!), but, once again, verify. Like it or not, wishful thinking is not necessarily the truth. ¶ Finally, if we tell the truth, and consistently so, then we can be trusted much more than the other side.

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