Why don’t schools have trained security?

It’s a burning question in the wake of the latest mass shooting: why don’t schools have trained, armed security guards?

While some schools do have one resource officer, many schools lack even unarmed security personnel.  Such glaring security failures, so force us to ask, “why don’t we have more trained security at our schools?”

If you look closely at our society we have security everywhere: banks, sporting venues, courthouses, and obviously police stations. When these horrible acts of violence pop up, why is there no security around?

Some will point to gun-free zones while others will point to lack of funds or any other reason. In the cases of providing security for our children shouldn’t we be doing everything we can to protect them while at school? One country took a new stance on combating violence.

From Townhall:

“Israeli schools, by law, must post armed guards to check anyone who enters the school. These guards engage threats, and they work at the school every day. There is only one entrance into each school, and everyone who enters the school must pass through one entrance. Israel has diminished their school shootings. It looks like this works.”

It’s been proven that mere knowledge of armed security is an increased deterrent to a potential attacker.

So why do we instead create more gun-free zones and enact even more laws only banning law abiding citizens from owning firearms? While lawmakers fight over the ultimate solution to end acts of violence, especially targeted at our schools, why don’t we do the sensible thing and beef up security to protect our children?

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  1. Why don’t they? Very simple answer: $. Schools are, by and large, funded by local property taxes, and nobody wants their taxes raised. There are also a ton of other things that schools wish they had, and don’t. The average cop in the US makes $60K/year, so adding a police officer for every 1000 students (probably not nearly enough to really keep schools safe) would cost $60/student each year. Since school age children comprise 15.5% of the US population, this would translate to $9.34 for every man, woman, and child, or $21.79 per taxpayer, per year if it were spread evenly.

    Put another way, this would cost a total of $3 billion each year to provide one officer for every 1000 students. The new tax cut cost $145.6 billion/year, averaged over a decade, so it would have paid for half of it if we decided to invest in security for our young people rather than in massive give-aways, mainly to the already-rich.

  2. Agreed, how many school shootings have been stopped by a sign outside that says “Gun-Free Zone”? Why not just have the sign say, “ALL-U-CAN-KILL, NO SECURITY TO STOP YOU!”. Liberals are idiots with no respect for life, until it’s taken away.

  3. CT – You don’t understand “Gun Free School Zone” signs. They have no effect at all, because shooters will ignore them and other armed individuals will never be able to take out a shooter (and those people will probably ignore them as well as CC makes them unenforceable). You might as well put a “graft free zone” on the Senate or a state house.

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