Why Is Killing Babies OK But Self-Defense Is Not?

Have you ever considered the hypocrisy from the Left that wants to let a mother kill her unborn baby but doesn’t want that same woman to defend herself from a home invasion?

A recent article by the NOQ Report details all of the ways these two rights are treated differently. Even though the right to an abortion is not even enumerated in the Constitution, it’s given much more support and freedoms than the Right to Bear Arms. One of the author’s suggestions for balancing the scales between these two is a government agency dedicated to the control of abortions, similar to that of the ATF:

Call it the BATF – Bureau of Abortion and Fetal Termination that will oversee all the new abortion background checks, abortion waiting periods abortion taxes and permits. Who is going to object to all of those measures with the good intention of saving lives?

It sure has been easy for the Left to attack a Constitutional right they don’t like without looking in their own lawless mirror!

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    1. Perfectly stated so as to pint out the lunacy of their contentions. If a Constitutional right is subjected to all these regulations, why shouldn’t a judicial ruling be governed by similar rules given lives are at stake? I would love to hear the other side defend themselves if this came to pass.

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