Wife Defends Self From Estranged Husband With Handgun

The sad but true story that the media will never cover is that often the best defense for women against abusive partners may be a gun.

In many cases it doesn’t matter if the woman leaves the abuser, if she files a restraining orders or even move.  Abusive partners often track women down and inflict violence upon them.

This story out of Nevada showed how a brave wife stood up to her estranged husband after he lured her out of her house and pulled a gun on her.

From Bearing Arms:

“The woman’s estranged husband arrived outside the house and called her over to a shed in the backyard, near an empty pool. Leaving her teenage daughter inside the house, the woman complied. That’s when her husband pulled a gun, and she responded by shooting him.

The woman called 9-1-1 immediately to report that she had wounded her husband, and although he made it to the hospital, he died there. The woman and daughter are both unharmed. The daughter didn’t witness the shooting and the police are now investigating the incident as probable self-defense.

“Any time a person is threatened or if they are threatened with a firearm, that person does have the right to defend themselves,” Lt. Ray Spencer said to reporters.”

It’s terrible that this woman was forced into a confrontation with her estranged husband but she made sure to protect herself.

In dangerous situations like these seconds matter and, before anyone could call the police, the wife quickly acted to defend herself. Legally owning a firearm is the ultimate self-defense.

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